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Until One Becomes Everyone

There is only one documented case of a patient being cured of AIDS: a man named Timothy Ray Brown, known as “the Berlin Patient.” The Research Foundation to Cure Aids aims to change that, bringing a cure to every patient. Havas Life NY has partnered with the RFTCA for a pro bono social media campaign to drive the conversation around finding a cure for AIDS. The campaign is centered around the foundation's upcoming symposium at New York's Columbia University, featuring speakers including Timothy Ray Brown, which will be live-streamed on Periscope on May 9. (more…)


Health & Wellness: My Body, Myself, Our Problem

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Next Year In Family, Caregiving, And Stages Of Life

[This is the fourth in a series of six posts about trend sightings for 2015 and beyond.] My colleagues at Havas Worldwide and I launched our annual trends report last week, which forecasts an übertrend for the next 12 months of everyone focusing on their individual selves, from self-tracking to self-improvement and more. The report’s nine other trends center on the global middle class, the desire to be memorable, bugs, safe eating, frenemies, women, wild things, small business, and the new local. We’ve also come up with a massive list of sightings about what’s next, which we’ll release in January but are previewing in a series here over six days. Many of them have obvious implications for marketers. (more…)


10 Trends for 2015, Aging: Moving Beyond Youth Culture, Health & Wellness: My Body, Myself, Our Problem, The New Dynamics of Family

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